SIL Brazil partners with governmental and nongovernmental organisations to provide a network of expertise and resources that serve the Brazil’s ethnolinguistic communities. SIL also networks with academic institutions and local organizations as well as local communities and religious institutions to train people and build capacity in local communities for sustainable development of their own languages.

In many locations, SIL has agreements to provide training or consulting for language development, with universities, government departments or local organisations involved in education and development.

SIL is incorporated in Brazil under the name Associação Internacional de Linguística—SIL Brazil.

Personnel who have worked in Brazil have come from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, and Wales.

The Uniqueness of SIL International

Founded over 80 years ago, SIL International is a faith-based organization that studies, documents, and assists in developing the world’s lesser-known languages. SIL’s staff share a commitment to service, academic excellence, and professional engagement through literacy, linguistics, translation, and other academic disciplines. SIL makes its services available to all without regard to religious belief, political ideology, gender, race, or ethnic background.

SIL focuses on unwritten languages. People who speak these languages often live in geographic, social, and economic isolation. Studying these languages results in practical help for local people and contributes to the broader knowledge of linguistics, anthropology, and ethnomusicology. SIL publishes its research and widely distributes it to libraries, universities, governments, and international agencies.

As a leader in the research of the world’s endangered languages through language survey, SIL facilitates language development to prevent the extinction of language and culture.

SIL’s premier publication, the Ethnologue: Languages of the World, is a comprehensive catalog of the world’s more than 7,000 living languages.