SIL Brazil’s work with indigenous languages involves publication of research results in the areas of linguistics and related fields. Older papers are being digitized, so check back frequently for additional downloads. A more complete list of technical publications is available in the Language and Culture Archives.

Observe the date each paper was published. A paper written many years ago may not reflect the author’s current thinking. Although the author’s understanding may have changed since writing these papers, and, of course, the languages have changed, the papers contain valuable linguistic data. Some of the languages may have little or no other documentation.

Papers published on this site are intended for scholarly research and educational use. You may make copies of these papers for research or educational purposes free of charge and without further permission. Republication or commercial use of these papers is expressly prohibited, including posting them on other websites, without the written consent of the copyright holder(s). You may link to an article freely, but the law prohibits reproducing it on the web.

Highlighted Publications Categories

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Special Publications

This section contains material which requires special handling, such as collections of texts or other publications. On each sub-page, you will find links to the actual published material, appropriately organized.

Jarawara Interlinear Texts

Educational Material

This section contains selected titles from materials developed by SIL teams in the area of bilingual education. The products were made on paper and copies taken to the indigenous communities, where they were distributed and used. Both production and transport costs were always paid by SIL.

Our goal remains the same: to make and keep these materials available to the communities. Each community will continue to decide when and how to use them, but with technology offered through the Internet, it is possible to leave them constantly available.

Being as SIL is a non-profit entity, no copy may be sold. Likewise, republication or commercial use is expressly forbidden, including posting them on other sites without written permission of those holding author rights. It is prohibited by law to reproduce them on the web.

Bakairí Material

Keyboard Layouts

This section contains keyboard layouts to assist users in typing indigenous languages and other non-standard characters.

These products were developed using free software; therefore they are available for personal use. However, the republication or commercial use is expressly prohibited, including posting on other sites, without the written permission of the copyright holder. It is prohibited by law to reproduce them on the web.

These keyboards were created for Microsoft Windows.

Brazilian Indigenous  US International Extension  International Phonetic Alphabet