Brazilian Indigenous Keyboard


Here you will find a keyboard layout designed to access the extra symbols needed to write Brazilian indigenous languages, which are not found in standard national keyboard layouts. Versions are available for the Brazilian national keyboard (ABNT/ABNT2), the American keyboard (US), the British keyboard (UK) and the Spanish keyboard (ES). Select the correct product based upon the physical keyboard layout of your computer.

List of Available Material

The following keyboards are available in ZIP format. Double-click to download the file, then extract the contents to a folder of your choice. After extracting, you will find a PDF file containing the documentation for the keyboard layout, and a setup file. Double-click on setup.exe to install the keyboard layout. Save and/or print the documentation according to your preferences.

(Because of the number of different countries where Spanish is spoken, the Spanish version by default installs for Spain. If you wish to associate the keyboard with a different country, you can use Control Panel; Region and Language to make the change after installation.)

Brazilian Indigenous Keyboards

Layout for Brazilian ABNT/ABNT2 keyboard (316 kB).

Layout for American US keyboard (565 kB).

Layout for British UK keyboard (578 kB).

Layout for Spanish ES keyboard (661 kB).

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